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the artist

Elena Mildner was born in Provideniya, near Bering sea, Russia.
She lives and works in Vienna since 1991.

Narodnij University of Art in Moscow.
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow.
Gnessin State Musical College, Vocal, Jazz Improvisation, Moscow.
Jewellery apprenticeship, Atelier Sven Boltenstern, Vienna.
Specialisation on South Sea Pearls in Australia, Broom.
She hold Seminars in the Hermitage, St.Petersburg, in cooperation with „The Armory“ of Moscow Kreml.
In project: 20m high sculpture „Rising Red Moon“ with „Waagner Biro”, Italy.


Elena Mildner ist in der Bucht Provideniya an der Bering Straße in Russland geboren. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Wien seit 1991.
Seit 2006 ist die Galerie Burggasse 21 ihr permanenter Ausstellungsraum und Atelier, wo sie ebenfalls als Kuratorin und Kunsttheoretikerin von Ausstellungen anderer Künstler, Galerien und Designer tätig ist.

Narodnij University of Art, ZNUI (Malerei), Moskau
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, (Racketenkonstruktion), Moskau
Gnessin State Musical College (Abteilung Jazzgesang, Improvisation), Moskau

Goldschmiedlehre, Atelier Sven Boltenstern, Wien
Sie hielt Seminare in der Eremitage, St. Petersburg in Zusammenarbeit mit "The Armory" von Moskau Kreml.
Eines Ihrer geplanten Projekte: 20m hohe Skulptur "Red Moon Rising" mit "Waagner-Biro", Italien

Her works are exhibited or collected by:
Artmosphere Gallery, V&V Gallery, Artmark Gallery, Art & Rapy Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, Opera Gallery, The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection, Bank Austria, Österreichische Werkstätten, MQ, MAK,
21er Haus, Guggenheim Berlin, MoMA Berlin, Centre Pompidou Paris, François Pinault, Erwin Wurm, Albertina, Red Bull, Odon Wagner Gallery, Rudolf Budja Gallery
Elena Mildner on skateboard.jpeg

Russian born and Vienna based since the early 90s, Elena Mildner is a painter, sculptor, photographer, and designer whose art possess a swirling psychedelic quality that leaves you dizzy, reflective and wanting more.

Born under the Northern Lights in Provideniya, a town on the Bering Sea, Elena is the daughter of a doctor who followed nomads’ trails in an abandoned army tank. It was through these adventures that she gathered an understanding of impressions, sounds, silence, action and color. Years later, she found a way to translate the aesthetic she discovered in that isolated landscape to an urban context.

Elena Mildner’s work is a lively update on Abstract Expressionism. Using skateboards as a painting tool, she combines elements of graffiti, rap, and skateboarding culture.

She’s appropriated the aesthetic and the action of gritty downtown counter-culture to punctuate the art world with something that is audacious and expressive. The skateboards are run through paint to rhythmic music that combines rap with the jazz vocalizations. Elena puts her degree in Jazz Vocalization to good use with the latter. The result is evocative of bright, free spirited, life-size calligraphy.

The bold colors tell as much of a story as the broad strokes and patterns made by the skateboard. There is a story at the heart of each piece and the way that it is performed during its conception.

Once stretched and hung on the wall, these messy paintings each take on an inimitable and individual life of its own. For Elena, art is the release of creative energy, put in motion in a spatial, temporal and cultural dimension. Art does not take place in the salon where it is readily reduced to its aesthetic function. For Elena, art is the combination of imagery and action.

Some of her exhibitions in the past years:

2023 ART AUSTRIA, 12-14 May, MQ, Vienna

2022 ART AUSTRIA, 5-8 May, MQ, Vienna

2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, ALBERTINA, Charity Auction, Vienna

2021/2022 Großarting, Club Arte, Group Exhibitions, Burggasse 21

2021, Procrastination, Burggasse 21, Vienna,

2020/2021, We are not just data bases, Burggasse 21, Vienna

2019,2020, The Point: interactive exhibition, Burggasse 21, Vienna

2019 BIENNALE 58, LIVE DRIVE to VENICE, 11-12.05.Its liquid

2019 ART AUSRIA, 4-7April, Palais Liechtenstein

2018 RED BULL Brainstorming with Elena Mildner, 1 aug., Burgasse21

2018 Wir sind Wien Festival. “Out of the System”, 7.06-7.07 Cultur.Basis.Vienna

2018 ART AUSTRIA, Contemporary Art Advice, 26-29 April, Palais Liechtenstein

2017 GROW, Burggasse21, Vienna

2016 ART MONACO, Monte-Carlo

2016 MQ, MuseumsQuartier, Action Live Drive, Vienna

2016 ART AUSTRIA, Leopold Museum , Vienna

2015 LIVE DRIVE, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014 Art Toronto, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014 Rotary Club - Event, Action painting, Vienna, 26.05

2013 WURMLOCH, Erwin Wurm lägt, Schloss Limberg, Limberg, Lower Austria, 05.10. - 02.11.2013

2012 Culture Xchange Center, Burggasse 21, Vienna, Austria

2011 Information’s Milk, 63rd World Newspaper Congress, Vienna, Austria

2010 Gallery Fotoworld, Monaco

Art Salzburg, International Fine Art Fair, Salzburg, Austria

“Femme fatale”,Rudolf Budja Galerie, Salzburg, Austria


International Video Art Limousine Festival, London, England

Month of Photography, Vienna, Austria

Saatchi Gallery, Artist of the day, London, 27.08.2010

Liquid Cities, International Video Art Limousine Festival, London, 2010

2008 National Center for Contemporary Arts of Moscow, Vienna, Austria

2007 Millionaire Fair, Moscow, Russia

Artplay, Moscow, Russia & Burggasse 21, Vienna, Austria

2004 Photo Biennale, Vienna, Austria

Designmesse „Blickfang“, Museum für Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna, Austria

MoMA in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), Berlin, Germany

Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde, Vienna, Austria

2002 2nd Internationale Art Fair, Vienna, Austria

2000 Prêt-à-porter, Paris, 24.01. - 27.01.2003

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